CPR Center of Houston is offering a comprehensive CPR and First Aid Class Course designed to address emergencies that can happen to children. We encourage teachers and parents to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to help save a child’s life. With this class course, teachers and parents become aware of how to handle a wide range of emergency situations that can happen at school or at home. Students will possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to address the problem properly while ensuring the safety and well-being of the children.

CPR and First Aid Class Course Modules

As children live an active and imaginative lifestyle, accidents may happen in various situations. This course module aims to ensure our students can swiftly respond to and handle every minor and, possibly, major emergency.

Here are the modules that we will tackle throughout the course:

1. Introduction to Children’s CPR and First Aid

Whether children are at home or in school, they live a colorful life that pushes them to have fun, experiment, and be kids. Although, with their active and whimsical lifestyle, they are also prone to occasional cuts, sprains, allergy attacks, choking, etc. As a result, many schools and organizations urge teachers and parents to take CPR and First Aid classes to address these situations.

students playing in the playground

We briefly go through the definition and importance of CPR and first aid training to allow students to fully grasp the crucial necessity of this course. Additionally, we discuss the roles and responsibilities of being first responders during emergencies and how it is crucial for the lives of children while you wait for professional responders to be on their way.

2. CPR Techniques for Children

We thoroughly discuss children’s delicate anatomy and how there is a different CPR technique to provide relief. A hands-only technique and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are the appropriate skills that can save a child’s life. When a teacher or parent knows how to perform proper child CPR, it is recognized as a critical talent. Our CPR techniques for children are vital during emergencies like choking, drowning, or cardiac arrest.

3. Airway Management & Breathing Techniques for Children

Asthma and allergic reactions happen at the most random times in a child’s life, whether at home or in school. Severe attacks can obstruct their airway, making them panic and have difficulty breathing. We teach teachers and parents how to handle this situation with intense calmness as they open the airway. Mouth-to-mouth and big-valve-mask ventilation are important techniques accompanied by rescue breathing techniques.

4. Choking Relief for Children

Children who experience choking are usually due to ingesting a large portion of food, making it hard for their bodies to accommodate. Our instructors provide real-life scenarios to help students identify the different signs of a choking child as well as the different choking hazards that are dangerous to children. We also teach the various techniques to relieve children from choking, as well as how to handle either a conscious or unconscious child.

5. Treating Injuries and Handling Medical Emergencies

Children encounter many common injuries that are associated with their playful nature. Together with this, teachers and parents should be equipped to treat their injuries like it is second nature. We teach our students the most effective ways to spot, treat, and take care of their children when faced with the following situations:

  • Cuts, Scrapes, or Minor Wounds
  • Burns or Scalds
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sprains, Strains, and Fractures
putting band aid on child's wound

Meanwhile, more serious medical emergencies may happen requiring more extensive knowledge. For this reason, we ensure our students are quick to respond, treat, and support children during these critical situations. We make sure to cover the following emergencies:

  • Seizures Attacks
  • Managing Diabetes Mishaps
  • Poisoning
  • Head, Neck or Spine Injuries

Regardless of the degree of emergency state, our instructors ensure you get the knowledge, skill set, and confidence to respond quickly while waiting for professional assistance.

6. Psychological First Aid and Assistance

Children are very impressionable and require guidance as they navigate through these strenuous medical emergencies. During any kind of medical situation, children are prone to shock and experience a degree of emotional distress, which will lead to trauma. Under those circumstances, we also provide psychological first aid, which teaches you how to manage and help children navigate through their state of shock and emotional distress. In addition, providing genuine care, comfort, and reassurance will effectively support children in properly processing their experience and coping during and after the emergency.

BLS and First Aid Course Features

We provide quality teaching and training that boosts an individual’s desire to learn about BLS and First Aid for K-12 children. Not only that, but we also ensure that our students get more than what they paid for by providing the following features for a better experience:

  • BLS and First Aid for K-12 Class Certification – Students receive an accredited certification recognizing their course completion.
  • Informative Resource Materials – Access to training manuals and helpful online resources to further enhance learning in and out of the center.
  • Hands-on Training – Practical training allows students to engage in hands-on practice using real-life scenarios. We ensure that each practice and scenario fits the children’s needs.
  • Flexible Schedule – We provide students with flexible training schedules to fit their busy lives.
  • Learning Flexibility – We practice learning flexibility for in-person and online class courses.
  • Certified Instructors – Students learn from trained professionals with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in first aid.

Who is this class for?

CPR and First Aid for K-12 Class is ideal for teachers and parents who constantly have a child or children under their care. It is also ideal for school staff and administrators, who are constantly around children more times throughout the week. Not to mention childcare providers and even babysitters who are also responsible for a child or children’s well-being.

BLS and First Aid Class Registration

  • Cost: $59.00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Location: 2656 S Loop W #205, Houston, TX 77054 || 2400 Augusta Drive suite # 410
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • How to Register: You can schedule a course with us at your earliest convenience.

Overall, CPR and First Aid classes are a critical part of a parent’s or teacher’s journey of having a child under their care. Understanding children’s delicate anatomy, psychology, and lives makes taking a course like this much more impactful and beneficial. Our goal of contributing to a safer world for all of us can start by showing kids they are in safe hands, which is an excellent way to start. Make a difference and sign up for a training course today by calling us at (832) 930-7600.