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July 15, 2018
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January 9, 2019

Cardiac arrest is an emergency medical condition that often arises suddenly and without any type of warning. It’s a frightening event whether you are suffering from the heart attack yourself or are watching someone you love go through this traumatic experience. Fortunately, the development of advanced CPR techniques makes it possible for ordinary people just like you to save the life of a loved one or even a stranger on the street.

The American Heart Association CPR classes provide some of the best delivery methods for learning how to successfully perform CPR. Although many people prefer to learn American Heart Association CPR guidelines in a traditional classroom, other people are discovering that they can learn similar techniques on the Internet. At the American Heart Association CPR online classes can be taken at any time of the day or night, making it possible for people with extraordinarily busy schedules to learn and perfect these life saving techniques.

Even if no one in your family has a history of heart disease or other medical problems, enrolling in American Heart Association CPR classes makes sense. Cardiac arrest can happen anytime and anywhere. It may afflict a young person or an elderly person. Perhaps it’s someone you know. On the other hand, it could be a stranger on the bus. Regardless of who the victim is and where they suffer the attack, if you are familiar with American Heart Association CPR guidelines, then you will be prepared to deliver first aid care that just might save that person’s life. You’ll feel calm and collected while providing knowledgeable assistance that could prove to be invaluable. Knowing how to deliver proven CPR methods just might save that person’s life.

Statistics have shown that immediate CPR assistance doubles the victim’s chances of survival. Since around 80% of heart attacks happen in the home, it becomes clear that knowing CPR is important for every member of society. This means that CPR training is appropriate and necessary for students, teachers, moms, dads, siblings and coworkers. Everyone should know the basic methods employed for saving a life, and the American Heart Association specializes in providing this training.

American Heart Association classes include an introduction to the Hands-Only CPR technique. This method is recommended after an adult suddenly collapses, but does not seem to be experiencing breathing difficulty. Accordingly, mouth to mouth breathing is not utilized, and the care giver administers chest compressions alone after calling 911.

The American Heart Association also provides a CPR Anytime training kit that teaches the rudiments of CPR in a time span of just over 20 minutes. The kit comes with plenty of instructional materials and an inflatable mannequin to enable people to learn and practice CPR techniques any time. Even better, the kit can be passed on to other people so that they can also learn the techniques.

To achieve CPR certification, most people enroll in an American Heart Association CPR class. One of the most popular of these classes is the Heartsaver First Aid Online Part 1 course. In this informative class, students discover all of the necessary first aid basics. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how to respond to a medical or injury emergency. You’ll even get information about dealing with environmental emergencies. This online course is completed at your own speed. You’ll progress through a series of online lessons that include videos and manuals. After completing the online component, students meet with an instructor or skills evaluator to practice their new knowledge. Then, they must pass a skills test to receive certification.

The Heartsaver CPR AED Online Part 1 course is also enjoying increasing popularity. Videos and interactive lessons combine to familiarize students with CPR and AED techniques. You’ll also learn how to react when someone is choking. The course thoroughly covers various techniques that are appropriate for use on adults, children and infants. Like the first aid class, this one is also finished up with a real world component where you attend a skills training session with an instructor and are then tested on your knowledge.

To get the most knowledge in a condensed format, the American Heart Association also provides a class that combines the curriculum of the first aid course with the CPR course. This class is packed with useful information that can be utilized under almost any emergency circumstances. With this class, you will get peace of mind from knowing how to react to nearly any situation with competency and confidence.

While the above courses are all available in an online format, many people still prefer to have their CPR training done in the classroom. The most commonly available course in community centers and other facilities around the nation is the Family & Friends CPR class. Within the space of just a few hours, you can receive comprehensive training, practice your new skills and be tested by a qualified instructor. You’ll leave the class as a certified CPR provider, and the credentials are good for a period of about two years.

Studies indicate that only about one third of cardiac arrest victims actually receive CPR from bystanders. This is a sobering statistic, especially when you know that you have the power to double that person’s chance at surviving the attack. Through American Heart Association CPR online classes, and similar courses offered in a traditional classroom setting, you’ll receive valuable instruction that might help you save a life. It’s the kind of information that you and all of your friends and family should have in the event that an emergency situation ever touches you, and it’s knowledge that no person can afford to be without.

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