The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS) skills checkoff session is a live examination designed to evaluate students’ skills and proficiency in performing the skills and techniques they learned during BLS certification.

Most medical professionals and a handful of individuals with BLS certifications prefer getting a checkoff session because it coincides perfectly with their schedule. Additionally, it’s another way of testing how much they’ve learned during their CPR BLS training.

With the availability of blended learning, many people, especially medical professionals, can take online CPR BLS training courses with the option of a skills checkoff. This course session is actually intended for medical professionals & students as well as other workforce specialists.

CPR BLS Skills Checkoff Service Overview

When getting a CPR BLS Skills Checkoff, the session typically begins with an individual who has already taken their CPR BLS certification course. You can either get your certification course in person, online, or through blended learning. Once you complete your certification course, you can get your in-person skills checkoff.

During your session, a professional examiner will oversee your skill set through a series of practical tests. Depending on your needs, there are different CPR BLS scenarios to choose from:

  • Adult (single rescuer)
  • Adult (two rescuers)
  • Child – 2 years old and above (single rescuer)
  • Child – 2 years old and above (two rescuers)
  • Infant – under one (1) year old (single rescuer)
  • Infant – under one (1) year old (two rescuers)
proper placement of band aids on wound

Additionally, we will provide you with study materials or a skill checklist to prepare you for the sessions. Your checklist will not only help you ace the session but also provide you with more resource material to go over in the future.

What is the CPR BLS Skills Checkoff Process?

At CPR Center of Houston, we provide a quick and smooth process that will get you in and out in less than an hour with certification in hand.

Step 1: CPR BLS Skills Registration

You can easily schedule a session with us at your earliest convenience. Upon scheduling and securing your registration, you will see instructions for the preparation and actual skills checkoff session.

  • Cost: $45.00
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Location: 2656 S Loop W #205, Houston, TX 77054 || 2400 Augusta Drive suite # 410
  • Houston, TX 77057
  • How to Register: You can schedule a course with us at your earliest convenience.
Step 2: Online Session Preparation

We will provide a checklist of skill sets that will be part of the checkoff session. This checklist will guide you in preparing for your CPR BLS skills checkoff.

Step 3: In-Person CPR BLS Skills Assessment

During the in-person assessment, a professional examiner will appraise each skill you showcase throughout the session. Additionally, the number of skills checkoff will depend on your existing certification.

For our skills checkoff session, we’ve combined the CPR and BLS skills for a complete assessment. Since CPR is basically part of BLS training, getting your skills checked off is like hitting two birds with one stone.

CPR BLS skills checkoff practical assessment
Step 4: Awarding of Certification

Once your examiner announces your score and you pass with flying colors, you will automatically be awarded your certification. Your certification is actually valid for two (2) years each time you complete a course. This timeframe is ideal for medical professionals who live a busy life while keeping themselves updated about the latest techniques and maneuvers in CPR & BLS.

Who Should Take This Skills Checkoff Session?

This session is intended for individuals with a valid online AHA completion certificate. The majority of individuals with this certification are healthcare providers such as paramedics, nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and more. In addition, medical students are encouraged to get their certification, which in turn requires them to also have a checkoff session.

Similarly, thousands of individuals are looking to get their skills checkoff session due to the nature of their work. Most fitness coaches, lifeguards, teachers, police officers, firefighters, flight attendants, pilots, and more are ideal to get this course and certifications.

Why Choose CPR Center of Houston?

CPR Center of Houston is among the leading organizations with a strong, passionate desire to teach CPR, BLS, and First Aid to anyone willing to learn. Our eagerness to teach others stems from our own experience of witnessing the intense impact this has on saving people’s lives.

We offer an excellent CPR BLS skills checkoff program that gives our students the experience they need while providing support along the way. Our program also has an easy-to-use system from start to finish, which ultimately eliminates unnecessary stress. In addition, we provide great quality learning experience for our students that gives them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to help make the world a better place.

Sign up for a class with us today by calling (832) 930-7600 or scheduling your next course here!