BLS for Health Care Proffesionals and Training for Everyone Interested in Learning how to Respond to Medical Emergencies

About Us

At CPR Center of Houston, we are passionate about teaching CPR and First Aid. This stems from a passion of teaching others vital skills and also from seeing the impact it has on people’s lives on a daily basis.
We believe that through patience, repetition, and learning the AHA curriculum, each person who takes our CPR and First Aid course will be glad they did. I personally worked as an EMT for many years, and currently continue to do so. My training as an EMT enhances the work I do with each client. into each class as well.
The thousands of calls to which I have responded throughout my career, have brought me to the conclusion that it is vital for everyone to know CPR and First Aid to have the ability to use these life saving techniques when necessary.

Our Mission Statement

Here at CPR Center of Houston it is our goal to ensure that each person over the age of 12 be CPR and First Aid certified and every student has the knowledge and confidence in skills to assist in helping save someone’s life, wherever that may be. Throughout working over the years in the EMS field we see with our own eyes how imperative it is to know CPR and First Aid to have the the potential save a person’s life!

Who should learn CPR? Everyone! To name a few all healthcare professionals, pregnant couples, moms, dads, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, coaches, camp counselors, and even bank tellers! You never know when you’ll need to use the life saving techniques of CPR and First Aid which is why it is so important to learn it before it’s too late. Call us to schedule a time that is convenient for you!