practitioner performing first aid on a patient
Your Complete Guide to First Aid and CPR Certification
May 19, 2024
practitioner performing first aid on a patient
Your Complete Guide to First Aid and CPR Certification
May 19, 2024

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification is among the best life skill certification courses. Its immediate need, fulfilling satisfaction, and boost of personal confidence are among the rewarding benefits of getting a BLS certification.

BLS is an important life skill that many civilians rely on during emergencies because of its quick and precise response during medical emergencies. This skill set immensely affects how our society deals with emergencies. As a result, millions of professionals and civilians enroll, train, get certified, and renew their BLS certifications. They can expect quality service and training from trusted certification centers such as the CPR Center of Houston.

As our world changes rapidly before our eyes, a growing population starts to turn towards getting a BLS certification.

The Growing Need for BLS Certification

Our fast-paced lives can seriously affect how we eat, act, and live, all affecting our health. Not only that, but the world we’re living in is also changing with the climate growing increasingly warmer, the hustle culture, the growing number of fast food, and the general demand of life. These factors have put our bodies in a challenging position to keep up with the speed. As a result, we are a bit more prone to having cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and more. Given these points, BLS certification courses have soared, and people now understand its importance and impact.

BLS certification is a mandate for healthcare professionals. During any medical distress, civilians will automatically call out for a medical professional, immediately needing their expertise. Finding a doctor or nurse off the clock during a medical emergency is a rare but beautiful occurrence. With this in mind, medical professionals also encourage civilians to take BLS certification courses to equip them with basic skills. 

As more and more civilians take up a BLS certification course, they effectively increase society’s preparedness for medical emergencies. Additionally, these certified practitioners raise society’s safety net. Most individuals who do take a BLS training and certification course are usually mandated by their companies or careers. Professionals like police officers, firefighters, airline cabin crew, childcare providers, and more. These professionals are tasked by their respective organizations to care for several people. As a result, they are required to be knowledgeable about First Aid, CPR, etc.

first aid treatment on a sprained leg

All things considered, despite the changing world around us, we as humans also adapt to it. By getting certified, you’re increasing your knowledge and skill sets and providing comfort for the people around you. So, imagine if more people get approved; a snowball effect will allow us to respond to any medical emergency immediately.

How Does BLS Training Work?

The majority, if not all, BLS certification institutions have their curriculum based on the American Association (AHA) standards. Following these medical standards, you can get great theoretical lessons, real-life practical sessions, and quality training.

The main BLS certification components feature CPR, First Aid, Airway Management, Choking Management, and more. These components also come in different technique styles that cater to other victims’ ages. Infant, child, and adult techniques differ in a way that suits the needs of the person’s body. For instance, two-finger CPR is appropriate for a small child, whereas adults would often need two-hand or two-rescuer CPR.

You can efficiently finish a course within 3 hours or less. Plus, there is the added bonus of getting a 2-year BLS certification. Furthermore, recertification is quick and easy when done with the right institution.

Your training course can generally look something like this:

  1. Find the right BLS Training Center to fit your wants and needs.
  2. Choose a BLS course training format, whether face-to-face, online, or hybrid.
  3. Enroll for the BLS course of your choice.
  4. Attend, fulfill, and complete your entire course.
  5. Take and pass your theoretical and practical assessments. 
  6. Get your certification upon passing both assessments.
  7. Maintain your certification by renewing it every two years.

Finding BLS Certification Courses in Houston

There are notably hundreds of BLS certification centers in Houston, all offering exceptional services. Getting a certification in Houston gives you access to experienced and accredited instructors who are passionate about teaching basic life support tips and techniques. Being in the city center also allows students to maximize face-to-face, online, or hybrid class options that fit exactly in their schedules. Lastly, Houston centers can also utilize state-of-the-art facilities to give practitioners a better experience.

The growing presence of BLS certification centers in Houston also cements people’s interest and need to get their certification. 

No one understands the importance of BLS training and certification more than the CPR Center of Houston. Our expert instructors have first-hand experience with the struggles of responding to medical emergencies. Therefore, the importance and overall impact of learning BLS is something that our team feels strongly about. We agree with the notion of medical experts that civilians must know at least the basic life support techniques. Call us at (832) 930-7600 and get your BLS certification with us today!

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